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Hello and welcome to my new blog. At my work, I started blogging about things I was doing, and wanted to be more free to post about what I’m interested in outside of work. So I created this place. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and I am currently an Electrical Engineering Masters student at the University of New Hampshire. I occasionally make some posts to, but those are mostly pretaining to Project54 type stuff. You can find more information about that on, more about me. I classify myself as a tinkerer. I like designing random things that may not work out but I give it a shot. Also I’m a cheapskate. I don’t normally pay someone else to do something for me unless I have no interest in doing it. I did the typical thing in high school, where I installed my own car radio system and have been doing since. I will post a blog entry on how to install a radio into my presciousssss.

I also have the obligatory custom built computers. (Yes plural, I mean old systems become servers, right?) I pride myself on always having plenty of disk space to go around. I never liked deciding which files to delete. So I save them all.

So enough of this intro post. I hope that this blog will be useful to someone out there be it a teenager with way too much time (oh how I wish those wasted years back), or anyone else. I will keep commenting open (unless it gets abused) and always would love to hear back from my readers.

I will also try and see if I can incorporate some programming posts onto here.

So I won’t be some mysterious poster, I will also put a picture of myself on here:


Well until next time!

U.I.: Magyarul is szivesen varok kerdeseket, vagy valaszokat barmire.

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