Traffic Jams

So today, an interesting research was published on traffic jams. Personally, I find them interesting. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a video, and the article of what the researchers did.
Near my house, at around 5 o’clock during the week, there is guaranteed to be a traffic jam. Whenever I need to drive that way, I usually play a ‘game’. The objective of the game, is how long I can keep the car rolling at a constant speed. This helps reduce my emissions by not needing to accelerate rapidly, but also reduces the wear on my brakes. I have to say I can keep it up for quite some time now. The thing is, I don’t drive at those times all the time. Maybe once or twice a month. But what I’ve noticed is that other people are starting to do it too. Which in turn makes my role in the game much easier.
Another interesting event that happened to me the other day was that I was teaching my friend to drive a manual car. We were driving on the highway and got stuck in a traffic jam. Since she was new to this style of driving with pressing the clutch and all, she didn’t really want to completely stop moving at any one time. When she was forced to stop, it took a while for her to get back up to speed. Now the amazing part: the cars in her lane were waaay ahead of us, but people in nearby lanes didn’t bother switching into our lane for some reason. It was kind of eerie, but nice that they weren’t swerving in and out of lanes.
So next time you’re out in traffic, be kind to your car and amuse yourself by playing that little game.
Until next time. Drive safe!
Fekete András

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