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For work, I have been needing to do lots of plots and graphs. To comply with the LGPL license, I’m disclosing it here. I have made one slight modification to PointPairList in that I added a function that returns the average of the X, Y or Z points in the graph.

The new functionality I have is a class object that implements the functionality of the ‘figure’ command from Matlab. It makes it so that you can have an array of doubles and just call a method to have a window pop up with the plot of the data.


Additionally it might be desirable to have a Bode Plot generated from a series of Complex numbers corresponding to certain frequencies. This can be done with the BodePlot class object.


Finally, I also have a ‘mesh’ function implemented. The mesh is drawn correctly, but there are some small issues with the movement of the graph. Click and dragging the left mouse button clumsily does a rotate in the X-Y plane. If the Ctrl key is held, then a translation is performed in the X-Y plane. If the right mouse button is clicked and dragged, then a rotation on the Z axis is done.


The scroll wheel causes a zooming effect. Holding the right then clicking the left mouse button causes the mesh to be filled.


In addition, each of these classes keeps track of how many instances there are, and one can call a ‘closeall’ function to close all the plots that remain open.

The Graph Library with example graphs can be downloaded here I used Visual Studio 2008, but a project can easily be created in VS2005 using the C# files in the zip file.

ZedGraph, 3D Mesh

As always I hope this helps someone. If you find any bugs, kindly let me know, or better yet, send me a bugfix. I’ll gladly give credit, and update these files.
Fekete András

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