I’ve finally done it. Got my masters done. Did some research on a new approach to building a dive computer. If you’ve seen my other blog entries, you could see that I deal with electronics. This dive computer is using a new implementation of ascent algorithms. It also has capabilities for:

  • monitoring air remaining
  • predicting whether the diver will run out of air in a particular ascent profile
  • Storing data on a MicroSD card using a FAT32 filesystem
  • giving estimates for how long decompression will take

I used an STM32 ARM processor for this project. It is amazingly fast and using the Raisonance RIDE toolkit is pretty handy. Of course it has a couple little bugs, but they’re easy to avoid. You can view it here.

Contained in the Thesis is some of the source code for the final release but I’ve created a zip file here: Dive Computer Firmware . This final version contains the display drivers for the NHD-C128128BZ which is a Newhaven Display. Using the way I have hooked it up it should be rather simple to adapt this code to any other microprocessor. It has primitive graphics functions like drawing lines and boxes. I’ll leave making circles as an exercise to the reader.

As for the FAT32 library, I had used the EFSL which is available under the LPGL. The library is super easy to use and you can see it in action in this project as well.

Thanks for reading and until next time.

Fekete András

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