Knight Rider v2.0

So a while back, I wanted to build an LED table kinda like this one:

I even ended up designing and building my own circuit board. The only problem was wiring up the 256 LEDs.

LED table connections
LED table connections

Each of those needed had 4 wires, which needed to be connected to each other. It was a daunting and tedious task which I quickly gave up on.

I did have the boards kicking around still. Also, the Knight Rider v1.0 had finally broken  down. Not surprising though, because I didn’t weather-proof it or anything, so the salts of New England ate away at it.

So here’s the LED board:

LED table circuit board
LED table circuit board

One of these boards can work 64 individual LEDs.  It uses a PIC microcontroller and 4 3:8 muxes. Also have I2c/SPI coming out on headers. I have hooked it up to 7 tri-color LEDs. Using the 8th position as a “all off” position. Using two auxillary pins, I set them up as pull-ups with Normally Open push buttons to ground. This allows to change the color or the pattern.

The source code running on the PIC is here: main.  The schematics done in Express PCB are here: LEDMat, and layout: LEDMat.pcb

You can see video of the final product here.

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