What do you get when you cross an engineer and a girlfriend?

Haven’t made a post in a while, mostly because I’ve had some other projects, but just in time for Valentine’s day here’s an idea for ya. If you have any sort of interest dealing with electrical components, and want to surprise your girlfriend/wife who likes receiving flowers, then try making some of these:

They are easy to make and you probably have all the parts necessary kicking around on your bench. You’ll need:

1) colored LEDs
2) colored electrical tape
3) disc capacitors
4) through-hole resistors
5) copper wire

To make the stem of the “rose” I used a red LED, a strip of copper wire that is about 5 gauge and some resistors twisted around the wire with a drop of solder to hold it in place. Then wrapped up in green electrical tape.

The “daisies” were made with simply the LED and two disc capacitors wrapped around each leg of the LED. Then take some electrical tape to cover it up.

Note: This isn’t a replacement for actual flowers. Nor is it guaranteed to be appreciated, so use your judgment.

Have fun with it and leave comments on your successes.

Fekete András

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