Coffee exercises

Lately, I’ve been doing a thing I call ‘Coffee exercises’ at work. Basically, the idea is to get your body ready for the day. It’s a quick 5-minute exercise that loosens up your muscles.

At work we have a Keurig machine, and while it makes my tea in the morning I can get some good stretches in. Stretching is extremely healthy and good for your body.

What I start off with, is the tea is located in the bottom drawer in a cabinet. So I have to bend over to get it. Without bending my legs, essentially I try to fold my body in half by the torso. I hold this for a good 10 seconds. This stretches the back of your legs and the back muscles.

Next, I prepare the tea. Then I do some twists. One to the right, hold for 5 seconds, then switch and hold for 5 seconds.

Finally, when the tea is about done, I reach up in the air with both arms, and stretch backward. This stretches your sides and stomach.

In my job, where I sit in front of a computer all day, it’s kind of important to get your body moved around a bit.

Don’t expect to lose any weight using this exercise. What you will notice is that you actually have more energy and not from the caffeine. Having more energy makes you more apt to doing actual exercise.

Give it a try. It will improve your quality of life and the day will go by faster.

Fekete András

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