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I’ve done it again. I’ve built a system that I found to be interesting. The system cost me roughly $200. It took me about 3 days to build. Here are the things you’ll need:

Online ($133)
1x – Solar panel with charge controller
2x – 12VDC pump
1x – Mesh net pot
4x – Float Switch

Hardware store ($83):
4x – 2x4x10 lumber
2x – rugged 18gal tote
1x – 0.5″ PVC tubing
1x – Hancor 4″ x 10′ Sewer and Drain Coex Solid Pipe
2x – 4″ Pipe cap
8x – 4″ J Hook Pipe Hanger

First thing I did, was to make the frame. I’ll add the measurements here if I get a chance.

Then I attached the J-Hooks to the frame. You should be careful to make sure that there is sufficient spacing in the pipes at each of the 3 corners. I had to remove some of the J-Hooks to make some more room.

I then made the shelf for the top bucket so that it has something to rest on. The reason why I went with the two-bucket design is because each motor has a maximum of 3 meters head height. I wanted to ensure that there will be a good stream of water flowing, so I needed to cut the height in half to get it in the sweet spot. In hindsight, this turned out to be really helpful.

Finally, I wired up the system. I ran 2 loops:
Bottom bucket: which had the top float switch from the top bucket and the bottom float switch from the bottom bucket in series with the bottom bucket pump.
Top bucket: bottom float from the top bucket in series with the top bucket pump.

Here’s a link to the first run of the system. It’s running all on battery/solar power.

Hope this helps. Please send comments and questions.


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