Solid rear tire installed

The last mile travel (I bought an electric kick scooter)

TL;DR> Get an electric scooter for city living, but make sure to have solid wheels. Pneumatic wheels pop very quickly!

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I got a job in the city, so we’ve moved from a house in the forest to an apartment in the city. The apartment is next to the train station, which takes you into the heart of the city. It drops me off about 1.5 miles from my workplace. If I walk, it takes me a good 1/2 hour with my long stride and fast pace. I also work up quite a sweat (which is not bad considering I’m killing two birds with one stone). My colleagues may not appreciate it though. I wanted to make my commute even shorter.

I ended up buying a Fashwheel F0 for $220 on ebay. I spent a lot of time researching this. I didn’t want the battery on the bottom, because if you go over a curb, you might scrape it or have a hard landing and have battery juice leaking all over the place. I also talked to policemen to ask about the legality of using electric kick scooters on the streets. I met one that said, you must use them on the bike lanes as they’re considered a skateboard. On the other hand, I met another one who said that you can use it on a sidewalk, because it’s not a bicycle. So if the men on the street can’t make up their mind, I’m not going to stress.

The scooter’s really fun to ride. It makes the walking part of my commute only take 15 minutes.

While it’s been going great, I’ve experienced two flat tires with it after less than a month of ownership. Not a great reliability. I took one apart to see the culprit, and there was about a 1″ hole in the tube.

Hole in inner tube

So I replaced the rear pneumatic wheel with a solid wheel. After some time searching, I found that Stander walker wheels are the same size as my scooter wheel. Theoretically, they would also fit on some Razor scooters too. You just need to make sure the bearings have 8mm inner diameter.

I got to work installing it. All you need is a phillips screwdriver and a 3mm Allen wrench. Peel back the anti-slip film over the four phillips screws in the rear. Then use the Allen wrench to take out the rear axle.

Preparing for tire replacement

The job took about 10 minutes. Here is the final result:
Solid rear tire installed

The original wheel weighed 430g, whereas the new one only weighs 250g. Extra speed baby!

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