tilted wheel with blown bearing

Electric scooter saga continues

Update: I’ve given up. These tires broke as well. They can’t seem to handle the streets of Boston.

The other day, the bearings on the new tires blew out. To be fair, it is my fault. When I replaced the original wheel with a solid one (read about that here), I discarded the handy spacer that came with it. To cover for this mistake, I used some electrical tape to increase the shaft width to help keep the wheel in one place. What I didn’t realize was how hot that shaft gets when you are cruising at a cool 15MPH+. What happened was the electrical tape clumped up and then melted onto the bearing which then caused it to seize and forced me to walk home.

I have bought this to replace the wheel. It looks pretty sturdy, and based on this forum I figure it will be much stronger.

Hopefully, I have finally worked out all the kinks. It is definitely a great last mile vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone.

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