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Simple tricks to spice up your daily routine

Every day, you get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, relax, go to sleep. The cycle continues. Life gets rather mundane. You need to do these things, but they all seem like a chore. It happens to everyone, what is different is how each person deals with it. In this post, I will describe some simple ways I make the mundane exciting.

Look up

When I first moved to the big city of Boston, as a country boy it was very exciting. The luster quickly wore off as I had a regular regiment and path that I took to work. Later, I started exploring the city by taking alternate routes to work. While that was interesting at first, it too wore off. Next, I started looking up. Ever wonder why all those antennas and weird structures are there on those buildings? Make up a story or try and figure it out. As adults, we forget how to imagine and fantasize. It is a “muscle” like any other and needs to be exercised.

Eat when you are hungry

I’m not going to tell you to exercise (though you should). What I’ve found is that eating when I’m hungry has helped keep my weight in check without even thinking about it. Forget breakfast+lunch+dinner. They are fictitious eating times that were designed to coordinate among large masses. Don’t feel like breakfast today? Skip it, maybe you’ll eat it tomorrow.

There is also research about intermittent fasting being good for you. Sure, that may be true. From personal experience, I actually don’t miss skipped meals and can easily stay satiated.

Smiling bridge

On your way to and from work, designate a bridge/street/landmark that when you pass by, you will put on a smile for no other reason than just to smile. Scientists have shown that even producing a fake smile creates a feeling of well-being and happiness. So next time just before you arrive at work, put on a smile and greet your coworkers with a chipper mood. Similarly, after a long day’s work, put on a smile and rejoice in the job well done.

Elevate your mood

When the weather has you down, do something that you like (duh!). Let me explain. I like coffee, I like the taste of it. The trouble is, that if I drink it after noon, I noticed that I don’t sleep as well at night. So instead, I’ve switched to drinking green tea. However, on those dreary cloudy days when everyone is sluggish and down, I will treat myself to a cup of joe. That way, I can look forward to those dull cloudy days instead of dreading them.

Get outside your comfort zone

Think of something that you would have never thought you would ever do. It can be as simple as spending an evening doing a coloring book (search for “adult coloring books/pages”). Or learn to read and play music. You could choose to visit the library. You’re thinking “who goes to libraries?”, to which I say “exactly!”. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. I recommend turning off your electronic leash while doing it. You never know, you may end up finding some new interest.

Hopefully, these ideas are enough to get you started on bringing you a more fulfilled life. You only have one, so might as well spend it doing what you like and with whom you like.

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